FireDos is a mixing system, where fire-fighting fluids are added to the water flowing through the fire-hoses. In most cases, the fluid is a foaming agent concentrate or a product generating a gel. Our products are supplied as transportable units, for installation in a vehicle, or as stationary systems.

- FireDos has been designed to provide users with a totally reliable, user-friendly and, above all, powerfully effective mixing system for fire-fighting purposes.

- FireDos operates independently of any external power supply such as electricity. The system is driven purely by the power of the water flowing through the system the water in which the fire-fighting fluid is mixed.

- FireDos provides a mix ratio which remains constant, no matter what the pressure and flow conditions or their fluctuations.

- FireDos is available in a range of variants for all kinds of fire-fighting applications : stationary systems, units for mounting on fire-tenders, mobile applications, for fresh water and sea water, in a wide range of sizes and with many additional options.

- FireDos is easy to monitor. Operators can check at any time that the system is ready for use as intended, with minimum effort and without having to generate a premix.

- FireDos units are operating successfully all over the world. Thousands of installations with well-known companies testify to the quality and durability of our products.